About me


I have graduated and am a Post-doc at VMware Research. I will be joining Penn State CSE as an Assistant Professor in Fall’18.

I am looking for grad students to join my research group at Penn State. If interested, please contact me at “a<last name> @ psu.edu”.

I was a PhD candidate in the Computer Engineering lab (CELAB) at the University of Michigan. I was advised by Prof. Thomas F. Wenisch. I also worked closely with Prof. Peter M. Chen and more recently with Prof. Satish Narayanasamy.

I was on the academic job market! [CV, Application Materials]

My research focuses on integrating persistent memories into future computing systems. I am exploring new processor architectures and programming interfaces to fully exploit the benefits of persistent memories.

In the past, I have interned at Google (2016). HP Labs (2015-16), ARM (2013). As an undergrad, I majored in Electrical Engineering and Economics at BITS-Pilani, India. For my undergrad thesis, I worked with Prof. Rajeev Balsubramonian at the University of Utah (2010-11).